BrandGames™, Put on line games that are customised in the colours of your brand.

  • Fun
  • Traffic
  • Customers loyalty
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Why choose BrandGames™?

On the Web or Intranet, BrandGames™ present your brand with a great on-line promotional tool.

Add some interactivity to your Internet site. BrandGames™ are developed around the visual identity of your brand and are directly inserted into your site.

Visit our software platform to discover for yourself the catalogue of games that we are able to customize in the colours of your brand.

What is it?

  • Interactive games that present the brand and its visual universe.
  • A means of initiating viral marketing.
  • A means to present your brand on the Web.

What is its value?

  • The creation of traffic on your Web sites.
  • Livening up of your conventional promotional operations (lottery system, recording of best scores, reward module).
  • Gaining the loyalty of your existing targets.
  • The compilation of databases of identified customers.